31 March, 2016

The Spot (no, it's not in slow motion)

Got a little chodepro run at The Spot this weekend.  Fairly high bluster factor and girlclub riding on my part, but the new additions are sweet.  Such a great place to ride.

Chilled run at The Spot from Ben Pearson on Vimeo.

15 March, 2016


This was like a total long shot, but somehow it worked out!

I was in California, Ben was in Texas, schedules aligned and I flew to Dallas to meet up with him and one of our cousins.

We had one night in Dallas then Ben and I drove down to Austin for the weekend. On Friday we rode Pflugerville and Round Rock, on Saturday House Park, 9th Street and the 5 Hip Ditch. We even got some spade time in at 9th Street. All that was left to do then was drink all the beers and bourbon on 6th Street with our cousin. Good times!


Robin in a California pool.

We weren't feeling Pflugerville so headed here - Round Rock. Absolutely radical.

Ben, carving some kind of weird gnarly obstacle.


Ben cruising 9th Street main line.

Robin, DSFP at 9th Street.

13 January, 2016

An old priest and a young priest (N.B. Matt Priest does not feature in this post)

11 December, 2015

Antwerp Bonus Photos

I'm slack! Somehow missed these photos the first time round...

Nick, booster.

Dully, bog roller.

04 November, 2015

Range Rover SMP

This guy does not give a fuck

02 November, 2015


Great little vid from McConnell's old scene, featuring some familiar names:

20 October, 2015

Bugger it

Have some of this Dully beast!


19 October, 2015

Scotch Eggbroth's 2015 vid

29 September, 2015

RIP Olly Derrick

01 September, 2015

Robin's photos reposted, as they had disappeared.

Punnets, punnets, punnets. In a random order. Boiieeeeee!