19 November, 2014

Skateboarding yo.

09 November, 2014

Velmead lives!

Rachael and I went for a little XC ride around Velmead Woods and Fleet Pond this morning, and I was stoked to see that someone had been digging some small doubles, right where we used to have our old 8-pack. 

I also had a couple of runs down the Fleet Pond 'downhill track'.  Way shorter than I remembered, but still loads of fun.  No jumps down there though, but still cool to go back after all these years...

28 October, 2014


La Rochelle park looks like it's had some improvements made! And I swear that concrete park with the big graf wall is in Saintes, where the metal one was... Maybe.

12 October, 2014

Mike Curly has crazy balance and Max Gaertig is still killing it, that ender is real!

07 October, 2014

Three things I was stoked on last night.

1) The Elky Show!

Elky organised the session and was riding really well with a massive grin on his face all night.  He did a big ol' table out of the 8ft quarter and it was so good that I told him to do it again for my camera.  This video gives you a good overview of the larger box section, which is rad.  Also, the voice you can hear in the background is Manon Carpenter, current downhill world cup champion and world champion.  Her Dad Jason built the park.

2) The Gus Show!

He still goes really high.  No 720s today though.  This spine is proper, but it all happens really quickly as the flat bottom is minimal.  Fun though.

3) Full length backwangers.

Did a few of these.  Mega fun.  They feel totally different to doing a 'flyout flip'. 

In summary; Rampworld Cardiff is brilliant.  The also have a little devil bowl, a smaller jumpbox section, a street section, and a little wooden pumptrack.  Well worth a visit. 

06 October, 2014


Marscene image rescue! Good crew. Mon.

04 October, 2014

Update from another Tony Hawk's Pro Skater skatepark!

Hiya guys,

Took a trip down to Portland for the last long weekend (5 hr drive from Vancouver).  Ginan was kind enough to let me take my bike and we got up at 8am to session the park before the agro locals arrived.

First time riding BMX in a number of months, but had a fun blast on the hips and big bank thing. 

Hello from Burnside!

Park overview.  No idea how anyone rides this spine like a spine as it was super mellow.  I hit it with way too much speed and used it as an opportunity to huck-to-flat...100points?!

Fun hip

Flat bank carve

Also spotted the ginger dude from the a recent video someone posted on here a while back.  I think that dude rides the park every single day as some of those lines would take years to master!  The place is harder to ride than it looks!

I got a grunt trying to engage in some small talk with his mate.  He obviously didn't know I was from Fleet, otherwise he would've given me mad props!

01 October, 2014

Marscene 2014 photos


23 September, 2014

2015 Betches

Let's go. Belgium and Netherlands. Look at all this shit.

Also this writeup... http://www.fatbmx.com/bmx/news/article.php?storyid=6041

22 September, 2014

Yes Grig!

Nice to see some Yate in there, everyone's fave bowl...